Worship at the Rockwell House is centered around the Eucharist (also called Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, or Mass). On Sunday nights, we gather in our backyard chapel (if it’s warm) or dining room (if it’s cold) to hear people read Scripture and preach in response to it; to sing and to pray for the world and those we love; to share the blessed bread and wine; and to be sent back into the world renewed and refreshed for the week to come.

Our liturgy (the way we pray together) is simple and straightforward. If you haven’t spent time in Episcopal churches before, don’t worry! Our seasonal worship bulletins include all the prayers and instructions laid out in front of you — everything you might need to follow along with the service — and we are accustomed to people learning as they go. And if you are used to Episcopal liturgies, you will recognize the familiar words and rhythms of the Book of Common Prayer as well as likely encountering some new prayers and more inclusive and expansive language in the service. Students who wish to do so are welcome to share in leading worship as well, from reading to serving Communion to preaching. In worship as in everything we do at Rockwell House, we strive to be fully inclusive of all.

Check out a sample liturgy here — or just come on by and join us any Sunday night during the semester at 7:10 pm!