The Episcopal Church 

Rockwell House is an Episcopal campus ministry. The Episcopal Church grew out of the Church of England and participates in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our Church is sometimes described as the via media, or middle way, as we combine beliefs and practices from both the Catholic and Protestant traditions. We are distinguished by our liturgy and prayer; here at Rockwell House, and at other congregations across the U.S., Episcopalians worship using the Book of Common Prayer. We are also a sacramental church, which means that we find certain rituals such as Baptism and the Eucharist to be “outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace.” We root our faith in the ancient creeds and the Baptismal Covenant, but we are also a big tent church and encourage individuals to doubt, question, and develop their own understandings of faith, God, and the Church.

The Episcopal Church is always growing and changing as the Holy Spirit guides us. Most recently, our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has led the Church in its ongoing work of racial reconciliation, creation care, and evangelism. He speaks about our Church as “the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement,” which encourages Episcopalians to center our lives on Christ’s liberating, life-giving Way of Life through loving Jesus, loving our neighbors, and restoring humanity and creation to unity with God. The Episcopal Church is enthusiastic about justice and celebrates the full inclusion of all people in all sacraments.