Our Values



“At Rockwell, we strive to treat everyone with compassion. We work to meet people where they are and to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. It is a place where we can learn and grow in faith and in our relationships, acknowledging that none of us is perfect and looking on our mistakes with forgiveness.” - Annie, WU ‘21

Justice and service

“At Rockwell, we make change not only through prayer but through action. We involve ourselves with communities inside and outside of St. Louis in order to support those who need it most.” - Tannock, SLU ‘19


“Love being a core value of our community and faith tradition, we constantly strive to build upon and strengthen our love for God, others, and self. In addition to the love that we share for each other at Rockwell house, we are always reflecting on how we can better manifest and display love in all aspects of our lives.” - Colton, SLU ‘19


“We see Rockwell House as not only a place of worship, but also as a place where we can meet as friends to cook, study, eat, and hang out, supporting each other and building a space where everyone feels welcomed and valued." - Eva, WU ‘19


“The community here can count on everyone at Rockwell to support them not only on their faith journey, but in many ways on and off campus. Whether it's something as small as being a welcoming and friendly face to first years new to campus, the keeping of confidentiality which is one of our Bible study tenets, or being supportive as a friend in the community goes through a difficult time, we work hard to gain and keep each other's trust as we live out our faith.” - Genevieve, WU ‘20


“Our Rockwell community serves as a way for us to engage in our faith journey through regular Eucharist, fellowship and Bible study. Rockwell House offers us a community in which we can learn and grow together.” - Matt, SLU ‘19

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