This Christmas, let us know:


"Finding my faith"


"Joyful community"

"Connection to my faith"


That's what Rockwell House means to our students - these things, and so much more. It means a home away from home. It means a safe place to take risks in faith. It means a community where we learn compassion, justice, and love. It means a place where we never stop growing.

If Rockwell House means something to you, please make a Christmas gift to support this ministry! Help keep this Episcopal Campus Ministry a place that means the world to...

The Kingdom of Heaven: An emerging community of liberation (A sermon by Alejandro Flores-Brown, Wash U '19)

(Below is the word Alejandro preached on 11/26. If you'd like to read the Scriptures on which he preached, you can find them hereMatthew 25:31-46.)

This week’s Gospel is about what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like. The ideas in this passage are probably familiar to anyone raised in or around Christian tradition, and we’ve all probably heard these themes beaten to death in the past. The people who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven are the “righteous” - those who have gone out...

God's Moral Economy: Showing up for grace (A sermon by Eva Dalzell, Wash U '19)

(Below is the word Eva preached on Sunday night. If you'd like to read the Scriptures on which she preached, you can find them hereExodus 16:2-15, Philippians 2:1-13Matthew 20:1-16.)

I’d like to start by blaming capitalism for why this gospel is always tough for me to work through.

It’s the same instinct that causes me to


Justice, Mercy, and Sandwiches (A sermon by Matt Prest, SLU '19)

(Below is the word Matt preached on Sunday night. If you'd like to read the Scriptures on which he preached, you can find them here: Exodus 14:19-31, Philippians 1:21-30, Matthew 18:21-35.)

Justice or Mercy? Justice and Mercy? Just Mercy? JUST Mercy? Merciful Justice? Just justice?

You’re trying to make a sandwich, and somehow you’ve ended up with two totally different breads: take one side as corn bread and the other is naan bread.

Let the Countdown Begin!

...14 days to SLU fall welcome
...16 days to Wash U orientation
...17 days to the Rockwell Open House
...19 days to our first Sunday night Eucharist and dinner
...20 days to the first day of classes
...22 days to our first Wednesday Feast!


Midsummer Merriment

Whether you're a current Rockwell House member who's in town over the summer, or a college student home for the summer from somewhere else, or a freshly minted high school or college graduate not quite sure what fall holds for you yet, join us at the house on Sunday, July 30 for some Midsummer Merriment!

We'll kick things off at 6:30 with garlic-mustard chicken skewers (and vegetarian chik'n patties) on the grill, along with yummy sides and frozen desserts. After that, we'll enjoy a summer evening together: depending on the weather that might mean hanging out around the backyard fire pit and playing smashminton, or hiding out upstairs in the lounge with the...

We have failed. Again. (A sermon for Good Friday)



I don’t think I have ever written a sermon preface before. I did not anticipate writing one this year. But here it is.


On Saturday, in my attempt to write a Palm Sunday sermon, I happened to open and reread my Good Friday sermon from 2014, and I was astonished. I was astonished not because it was still relevant - the nature of Good Friday is such that a Good Friday sermon need not be extraordinary to be relevant still three years later. I was taken aback because of the number of times I thought to myself “My God. This is not...


You have no control: a Palm Sunday sermon

(You can find the day's readings here. You can find the mentioned hymn here.)

In the Hamiltome (basically the annotated study Bible equivalent for the musical Hamilton), there is a note from Lin-Manuel Miranda on one line of the libretto. It reads: "Once I wrote this passage, I knew it would be the key to the whole musical. In the words of Tupac, 'This be the realest sh*t I ever wrote.'" 
It became the grounding for the entire show. It holds the whole company, the whole narrative, in one line. It marks the turning point of Act I and the final moments of Act II.
You have no control. Who lives, who dies, who tells your story.
It is Hamilton's failure, the thing he never learns. It is Washington's legacy.
And it...

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back, everyone! As we swing back into work, play, and study, we're also swinging back into gear at Rockwell House. Our regular weekly events kick off tomorrow (1/18) at the house:

Wednesdays @ 6:30
Dinner, Bible study, and night prayer

Sundays @ 7:10
Worship followed by dinner

As always, all are welcome!...


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